4 Reasons why you need to GET a Website Today!

4 Reasons why you need to GET a Website Today!


  1. Easily REACH a Wider Audience

You can cheaply and effectively reach a wider audience if you have a website for your small business / company. The internet is a huge network of nations, people, businesses, content etc. How you reach an extended audience through your website, just because you have a website does not mean traffic will come automatically – you have to generate traffic. Use the following simple strategies to increase traffic;

  •  Start a blog.
  • Advertise online using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc.
  • Get involved with social media
  • Print the website address on all your stationeries
  • Leave a link to your website in your email signatures

If you can do all these and much more then I assure you that you will definitely reach an extended audience over time. Ela Creative designs  can help you in this regards. We provide low cost web related services to help small businesses grow.

  1. Reduce your Advertising CostHaving a website for your growing business can help you reduce your advertising cost. As a matter of fact, I believe that every small business owner MUST HAVE a website because as you are reading this, so are your customers and potentials customers doing “stuff” online, some are reading, while others are shopping, majority are trying to explore something new and these activities are going on every minute.

The conventional ways of advertising are not reaching as many people as they used to, in fact the growing trend is that a number of people especially the younger generation are now spending more time ONLINE, rather than watching TV. Conventional advertising is expensive and if you are unlucky, you may spend money and still miss your target market. If you create a website it will be like a billboard for your business, AVAILABLE 24/7.

  1. Improve your Brand

One of the benefits of having a website is that it helps increase the awareness and perception of your brand. Do you know a strategy as a simply as sending an email can fetch you NEW customers? The process of having a website for your small business includes purchasing a domain name like elacreativedesigns.com, with your own domain name, you can easily create your own “BRANDED” email address (es) like info@elacreativedesigns.com. Imagine, all of the emails you send bearing your business name in the address field! This is not only more professional but can be a form of viral advertising if your emails get forwarded to others for whatever reason.

  1. Control your overheads

The question is, if you have a website can it help reduce your overhead? The answer is YES it can! For example, you can place a shopping cart on your website which can help you shorten the time needed to make a sale or close a deal – the longer it takes for you to close any deal, the more expensive that deal becomes to your small business. You can also sell your products and services Online 24/7 – 365 days of the year! You can also run ONLINE promotions.


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